Group Programs

Raise money for your nonprofit or faith community by organizing a special Mango Tree Sale. Schedule a private sale at the store or we can bring merchandise to your location and return a portion of the sale proceeds to your organization. Please call the store to discuss options and details. 978-443-6122


Special Programs Available for

Residential or Retirement Communities, Schools & Organizations


Armadillo to Zebra

Demonstration by Mexican folk artists Efrain and Silvia Fuentes, with examples of their intricately patterned, brightly colored carved animals, available during their annual visit.


Textiles and Tortillas

Spend a fascinating hour in another culture! Illustrated talk on the lives of rural Guatemalan women with examples of their exquisite handwoven and embroidered textiles, available all year Glimpses of Mexico,


Glimpses of Peru

Illustrated talk about Mexican folk art, available soon


Pop-up Artisan Shoppe

We bring everything, so residents can shop at their retirement community or assisted living facility.Pease contact us for details. 978-443-6122