What an experience. Since returning home, I have thought of Oaxaca many times - the people, the cooking class,

the restaurant food, the ruins, the dancing, the flowers and plants, the crafts, the streets, and shops. 

It was a pleasure traveling together in our little group. What a special bunch of folks. I hope we can continue to be in touch.


The trip was an eye-opening, spectacular and spiritual experience.


oaxaca enjoying the meal from the lesson
Fuentes Silvia in her shop
oaxaca weaving
oaxaca row of dancers
oaxaca row of colorful dancers
oaxaca dying yarn
oaxaca dancers
oaxaca cooking lesson
Fuentes Silvia painting (2)
Monte Alban 3
oaxaca cooking lesson 2
monte alban
Artisans with sculptures oaxaca




Devik's kindness in guiding our group through the Oaxaca she knows and loves so well is an experience not to be missed. From colorful markets and artisanal workshops and on to delicious restaurants and monumental ruins, she charts a life-changing journey for all. Traveling with Devik is a journey into the heart and soul of an unforgettable time and place – and not to be missed by anyone who wants to understand Mexico in all its rich variety. 





"All aspects of the tour were exceptional - the hotel, visits to artisan families located outside Oaxaca city, a visit with an American ex-pat, a cooking class with a celebrity chef, shopping excursions, dinner/dance show entertainment, excellent meals at top-notch restaurants, and field trips to archeological sites. We did much, but the schedule never felt rushed or hectic. Devik, the tour organizer/leader, continually monitored the energy and interest level of the group, altering the schedule to keep everyone happy. 


The hotel location was ideal, just outside the tourist area, away from traffic and noise, yet only a 15 minute walk to the center of Oaxaca. Full of plants and trees which were meticulously maintained, it was a welcome respite at the end of each day's activities.


Visits to artisan families in the outskirts of Oaxaca were fascinating. We learned about their art, lives, and philosophy. The cooking class lasted 5 hours, but was quite fun and very participatory, with a grand finale of a multi-course meal which ranks among the best I have had. The dinner/dance show at the Quinta Real Hotel, a renovated convent originally built in 1576, was spectacular - great food and several traditional Oaxacan dances. The visit to Monte Alban, a grandiose Zapotec archeological site overlooking Oaxaca city, was made exceptional by the Oaxacan tour guide specially chosen by Devik. 


In visiting various Oaxacan people during the tour, it was clear they had a special friendship and trust in Devik, whom they had known for years. She told us personal stories about their families, and how their lives had improved due to their entrepreneurial energy. 


This tour is highly recommended. "





The trip started off with a bang... meeting Nora and shopping the marketplace with her and preparing the meal.  From the shots of mezcal to the frozen dessert, everything was wonderful and it was so much fun. 


I particularly loved the cozy inn we stayed in and enjoyed meeting the local artisans making their crafts.





A lovely and memorable trip!